Regularly Scheduled Meeting
Tulsa County Board of Adjustment
Tuesday, March 21, 2017, 1:30 p.m.
Ray Jordan Tulsa County Administration Building
500 South Denver, Room 119


Meeting No. 442

Complete Agenda Packet 


  1. Approval of Minutes of February 21, 2017 (Meeting No. 441). Exhibit



  1. 2614—Ray Walters
    Variance of the 15 foot side yard setback for an accessory building (Section 330).  LOCATION: 20923 West Highway 51, Sand Springs Exhibit

Staff recommends that the Board withdraw this application due to an unresponsive applicant.

  1. 2619—Windfall Woods, LLC
    Special Exception to allow wedding and corporate events (Section 310); Variance to allow a gravel parking area (Section 1340.D).  LOCATION:  7305 West Cameron Street North Exhibit



  1. 2621—Stewart Collins
    Variance of the required lot area from 2 acres to 1.55 acres on Tract 1 and from 2 acres to .45 acres on Tract 2 in the AG District (Section 330); Variance of the minimum land area per dwelling unit from 2.1 acres to 1.55 acres on Tract 1 and from 2.1 acres to .45 acres on Tract 2 in the AG District to permit a lot-split.  LOCATION:  5319 West 31st Street Exhibit

The applicant requests a continuance to April 18, 2017 due to additional relief needed.

  1. 2622—Sherrie Anderson
    Variance of the lot area and land area per dwelling unit requirement in an AG District; Variance of the minimum lot width requirement to permit a lot-split in an AG District (Section 330, Table 3).  LOCATION:  12706 North 143rd Avenue East, Collinsville Exhibit
  1. 2623—Terry & Abby Sweet
    Variance of the minimum frontage requirement on a public street from 30 feet to 0 feet to permit a new residence (Section 207).  LOCATION:  9037 North Memorial Drive Exhibit
  1. 2624—Tanner Consulting – Erik Enyart
    Variance to reduce the required lot width to 149 feet to permit a lot split (Section 330, Table 3).  LOCATION:  South of the SW/c of East 161st Street South and South Harvard Avenue Exhibit









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NOTE:  Exhibits, Petitions, Pictures, etc., presented to the Board of Adjustment may be received and deposited in case files to be maintained at Land Development Services, INCOG.  Ringing/sound on all cell phones and pagers must be turned off during the Board of Adjustment meeting.

NOTE:  This agenda is for informational purposes only and is not an official posting.  Please contact the INCOG Office at (918) 584-7526, if you require an official posted agenda.